Ski Museum of Maine: interesting visitors 12-14-13

The Ski Museum of Maine held an open house yesterday (12-14-13) at its display space in Kingfield. Turnout was low, no doubt due to the forecasts of the impending nor’easter.

Among the most interesting visitors were David Stonebraker and Leslie Guenther, who have been connected to the ski programs at Hebron Academy for many years.

Above, Museum executive director Bruce Miles shows items from the “Made in Maine” collection to Guenther and Stonebraker.

The latter has been Hebron’s high school ski coach for many years, and is currently the school’s archivist. He steered me to the Bell-Lipman Archives, a digitized collection that’s available to the public online.

There are quite a few skiing photos in the online archive. Here’s one that’s particularly charming.

Hebron Academy Robert M. Morse 1938The description says that it’s Robert M. Morse with jumping skis in 1938.┬áThe “WS” on the jersey means “Winter Sports.” That practice dates from the time where snowshoeing and ice skating were included in interscholastic competition.

Here’s another classic pic from the same era.

Hebron Academy ski jumper 1939

Like many schools in the 1930s through 1970s, Hebron Academy boasted its own ski jump.