Ski Museum of Maine at Molly Ockett Day 7-18-15

Yesterday the Ski Museum of Maine made its second annual appearance at Molly Ockett Day, a large community celebration in the town of Bethel.

It rained heavily before the public events got started, and the skies remained leaden-gray all day. But people didn’t stay away from this big annual festival. Many festival-goers visited the Ski Museum’s tent, which was staffed by a number of board members, including myself.

The Ski Museum of Maine's tent at Molly Ockett Day 2015

The Ski Museum of Maine’s tent at Molly Ockett Day 2015

Our tent, pictured above, was centrally located, right next to our friends at the Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce.

Brothers Tom and Bob Remington pose with a copy of their book

Brothers Tom and Bob Remington pose with a copy of their book

A special highlight was the presence of Tom and Bob Remington, pictured above, co-authors of We Jumped, a personal memoir that fondly recounts and celebrates the long — but mostly vanished — tradition of nordic ski jumping in western Maine.

The Remingtons grew up in Bethel and together they possess a wealth of knowledge about the final decades of nordic ski jumping in the region. Now thanks to their book, they’re sharing that history with current and future generations.

And to underscore their generosity and spirit of sharing, the Remingtons are donating all profits from the sale of We Jumped to the Ski Museum of Maine. They’ve even included that info in the frontispiece of the book.

And speaking of the frontispiece, click here for a link that displays the first few pages of the book, thanks to the Amazon website.

You can also buy the book through the Ski Museum’s own website. Click here to do that.