Poland Spring (lost) 11-23-13

On my way to Sunday River today, I stopped to explore the remains of the old Poland Spring ski slope, located near the site of the old, and long-vanished, Poland Spring House.

The ski area opened with much fanfare in December of 1964, and folded sometime in the 1970s. Can anyone help pin down the exact date and circumstances of its demise?

I took a stroll around the top of the defunct ski area. It’s part of the Poland Spring Preservation Park and open to the public. A few remnants of the T-bar are all that remain of the once-bustling slope, which was located on the east side of the hill. I took some pix of the area.

Above is a view of the concrete pedestal for the upper terminal of the T-bar.

You can walk down the T-bar line today. It’s part of Oscar’s Trail, which is used for hiking and cross-country skiing.

Along the side of Oscar’s Trail there’s a pair of sheave wheels (above) rusting away in the woods.

Jeremy Davis’ celebrated website on lost ski areas has an interesting page on Poland Spring. Click here to view it.

To clear up some confusion, let’s note that the 1964 ski slope (the one pictured here) is not the same as an earlier rope tow that opened about 1947. That operation was on the northwest side of the hill, on the slope that runs down to Middle Range Pond. (And, of course, it was on the opposite side of Rt. 26.)

Members of the Poland Historical Society have some info on that rope tow, but that’s another story for another day.