Bauneg Beg

About a year and a half ago, Dave Dutch, a local history buff from North Berwick, wrote a wonderful article about the Bauneg Beg ski hill.

Dave DutchLocated in North Berwick, Bauneg Beg operated between 1938 and the late 1950s.

It boasted a rope tow that was about 500 feet long, with a vertical drop of about 250 feet. There were two trails. An open slope dropped straight back down to the rope tow base, and a three-quarter mile trail, called Devil’s Den, snaked and undulated down through the woods. The ski slope was located on the Bernard Quint farm, and the family operated a snack bar at the base.

This evening I spoke with Dave (pictured above) and obtained his permission to publish the whole article on this website. Here it is:

There are a few pix and some narrative concerning Bauneg Beg in the celebrated New England Lost Ski Areas Project website. Click here to visit.